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Time Management Radio – TMR 070813 Lisa Lewtan, Healthy Living Coach: Time Management Strategies for Saving Time while Eating Healthy

Do you have good intentions when it comes to eating healthy but don’t take the time to eat a good breakfast? Do you grab a quick bite at lunch and by the time you get home from work, you’re too exhausted to spend time in the kitchen preparing a meal?

Listen in as we discuss tips and strategies for eating healthy without taking a lot of time. Lisa Lewtan is a healthy Living Coach and founder of Healthy Happy and Hip. Lisa helps women adopt healthier eating choices one strategy at a time.

• During our call we discuss easy ways to start eating healthy, the concept of mindful eating and how this can improve the quality of your diet and weight
• Food therapy—what it is and why we need it
• Strategies for saving time when shopping and preparing meals
• What to do if you can’t resist your favorite junk food
• Plus we talk about changing your focus on gaining health versus losing weight
Lisa helps empower women to live calmer, healthier and happier lives using long-term strategies rather than short-term fixes. She received formal training in nutrition from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is also a Kripalu certified empowerment dance teacher. In her former life, Lisa was a type A, stressed out, technology entrepreneur who managed to find balance and build a great life with her wonderful husband and three children.