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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Not Me! Preparing for Dangerous Encounters with Al Horner

As a Navy SEAL, Al Horner learned to identify threats and deal with them. As a self defense trainer, he has numerous years of experience teaching over 8,000 women and girls how to take charge of their personal safety. In this interview, we discuss his excellent book, Not Me! How to Prepare for Dangerous Encounters. Research shows that most assaults can be prevented when women are prepared. With these crucial safety methods now in print, women can empower themselves, prevent pain and even save lives.

Over 50% of all assaults occur in places where women normally feel comfortable and let their guard down, including in or near their home. The second most dangerous place is near their car, either in a garage or in grocery story parking lot. 70-80% percent of attacks come from men the women know, with the most common perpetrators being the the “kind-of knows” or more casual acquaintances, then from men who who are very close to them, with stranger attacks being most rare.

Al shares various ways to help prevent attacks. He then discusses proven self-defense techniques and several important personal safety recommendations included in his book. Not Me! is an important book and topic for women of all ages…girls…college students…professional women…senior citizens.

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