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Prosper Now!

Tracy O’Brien

Prosper Now! – Prosper Now!

We’ve all been taught to play nice in the sandbox of life. Be kind. Talk nice. Flush. Share. But somewhere along the way, we lost sight of a crucial element to success – balanced selfishness. Those of us who have given till we’re ready to drop desperately need the message Jenenne Macklin is joining me with today. She’s a coach, speaker and author of the book Let’s Get You Happy First – 4 Steps to Get You to Your Happy. Join us to find out how you can begin to balance your life by practising safe selfishness.

Whole Life Prosperity is centered on the new hazard of today’s technology – carpal tunnel syndrome. Hilda Volk is going to show you how you can avoid it and heal it, all without drugs or surgery!

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