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Tragedy to Triumph

Victoria Mavis

Tragedy to Triumph – Retired Major Sean Quinlan of the US Marine Corps inspires US military soldiers and military family members though recounting casualties of war experienced while serving military time

Victoria Mavis and James P. Quinlan (Pete) of Tragedy to Triumph, speak with retired Major Sean Quinlan from the US Marine Corps currently serving as a ROTC instructor in Des Moines, Iowa, about the life in the military, the hardships that men and woman face while serving as US Military Soldiers, and the courage it takes to go from tragedy to triumph in military life and in all you do.

Serving in the military is difficult for both US Military soldiers and also for military families and friends. Major Sean Quinlan shares his experiences and insights from his military time, as well as the recounting essential support that is necessary from family members during war and in times of peace.

From losing men on the battle field, to telling family members of the tragic loss of loved ones who demonstrated heroic service while they bravely served our country, Major Sean Quinlan inspires others to go beyond their comfort zone and embrace the life lessons that this decorated veteran deploys with every person he meets.

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Download this session or share with a military friend or family members to understand the everyday heroic contributions made by US Military Soldiers.

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