Avant Gardener – 071513

Host, Derek Fell records the show without his co-host Carolyn since she is still on assignment designing a state-of-the-art vegetable garden for a client (Carolyn is a talented landscape designer). Also, a continued technical difficulty prevented contact with a guest expert so Derek uses the opportunity to explain the success of his most successful series of garden books, the Impressionist series which explains the garden philosophies of the great French Impressionist painters, Claude Monet, August Renoir and Paul Cezanne, whose gardens are all open to the public. Derek explains the differences between the three gardens. Monet, for example, used special color harmonies and a shimmering effect to make his 5-acre garden distinctive, while Renoir cultivated a natural garden of meadow wildflowers among 500-year old olive trees as a setting for his paintings of nudes; and Cezanne produced an eerie shade garden with paths that zig-zag among trees and shrubs to produce a wild, natural quality. Derek’s research culminated in the Impressionist series, including Renoir’s Garden, the Magic of Monet’s Garden, Cezanne’s Garden, Van Gogh’s Garden and The Impressionist Garden (all of which are available from Amazon.com). Answering emails, Derek explains that the fine quality series of Wilkinson Sword garden tools is no longer available after the Wilkinson brand was sold to the Finnish garden tool manufacturer, Fiskars; and the final plantings of bush snap beans for northern gardeners should be planted before the end of July. He also advises a lady on how to prevent being bitten by the deer tick which is responsible for Lyme disease, which has received a lot of press lately as the numbers of infections increase.