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Family Connections

Susan Kane-Ronning

Family Connections – Planning for Preschool–How Important Is It and How Do You Pick One?


Cynthia Lamy is an expert on preschools! She’ll help you know what to look for when picking a preschool for your child, and how to pick a quality preschool. Cynthia will explain why preschool is so important to children’s future achievement, and will discuss the three landmark studies, and how they have guided high level preschools. Family involvement is important at the preschool level and you’ll learn how to develop a relationship with your child’s school that will enhance children’s learning. You’ll learn why preschool is the best antidote to poverty, and how it can make a long-lasting difference in children’s lives. Most important, Cynthia tells us how to evaluate preschools using the national grading system.