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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Healing Power Of Reiki

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within: Host Sheryl Glick welcomes Raven Keyes author of “The Healing Power of Reiki”, a definitive and informative view of the wondrous aspects of an ancient healing method with documented stories to support the many benefits experienced by Reiki clients emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Sheryl and Raven are both Reiki Master Teachers who are practitioners working individually with clients and who also teach Reiki- all four levels, and certify new Reiki Masters who have completed the course of studies. Over the course of working with clients in many settings; hospitals, private sessions in our office, leading meditation groups, homes, hospice units, and trauma centers, Raven and Sheryl know that energy healers will stand alongside western traditional medical personnel and help their patients and clients realize true healing on levels beyond what is possible at the present time. Raven and Sheryl will share stories of transformation and healing, illuminating their own personal growth and sharing their amazement or awe for the versatile nature of Reiki and the conditions and miracles that Reiki can provide.

While hard to explain in words without experiencing a session, Reiki is a form of gentle energy transmission administered through the hands of a certified practitioner who has been atted to the channeling of this higher state of Universal Energy by a Reiki Master Teacher. It is the only hands on healing technique that requires an attunement or channeling of energy from the teacher to the student. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900’s. In Japanese rei means spirit, divine, supernatural or miraculous. Ki means breath, force, energy, or intention. Reiki is a creative force of loving energy that can heal, restore balance and remind us of the power of unconditional love. I personally describe Reiki and indeed all spiritually guided energy techniques as a Universal energy of love and gentleness that seals the bonds between our spiritual, emotional and physical lives. This bond allows for a multi-dimensional healing returning us to a state of health, joy, positive thinking and positive action bringing the recipient of this energy a clearer remembrance of who they are as an eternal life force. Energy healing, I sense, allows for a renewed appreciation and respect for Self and others. It may be noted that Reiki addresses the congestion or blockages in the energy structure of the body and these energy points are called chakras, sometimes referred to as wheels of moving energy. This clearing of these energy points is as important to maintain as is the glandular, lymphatic, and neurological systems that support life. Reiki may also be administered remotely only by an advanced student or Reiki Master and this is called Distant Healing.

Reiki not only addresses physical symptoms but helps to release energy blockages created by fears and limitations due to childhood training or traumas. The body indeed reflects our thoughts, fears, and actions and Reiki healing addresses not only the symptoms but what has created those problems. When left unresolved, blockages lead to illness or the inability to deal with issues and affect our health and emotional well-being. Reiki students become aware of their dual nature as both a physical and energetic being. Reiki also encourages the development of higher values, a more cooperative state of interaction with others and greater courage and strength for mastering emotions and restoring a natural balance to the body and mind. As a sensitive and empath, feeling the pains or emotions of others as many of us do, Raven and Sheryl have learned many techniques to protect their energy resources and try to help others discover ways to manage their energy, their emotions and their physical state of being. Helping people learn more about their talents and spiritual gifts is also a benefit or result that Reiki may offer.

Raven, in her description of the many advantages of this healing technique tells us that a Reiki practitioner cannot harm anyone. It is the Reiki energy and not the practitioner that allows for healing in whatever way it presents itself. In other words a Reiki practitioner sets up an environment that allows the client the freedom and safety to release blockages whether they be outdated thoughts or unproductive behavior. Reiki has been scientifically proven to reduce pain, increase memory and help people heal faster than patients who did not receive Reiki sessions. Raven and Sheryl will share stories of amazing results for clients who suffered physical injuries, surgeries, and life altering traumas and through Reiki sessions made remarkable progress. In Raven’s many years as a practitioner, the work she has done with Reiki has taken her on large world stages. Raven was present at Ground Zero after 9/11 administrating Reiki to rescue and recovery workers. Raven has been involved in a new integrative medicine project at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and has done Reiki for the football players of the NFL in their locker rooms. Sheryl and Raven share their individual life path and experiences with Reiki and while similar and synchronistic in many instances, are unique and different in other ways. We are all guided by Spirit to be of service often guided to certain places, people and experiences that serve our individual soul plan. As a longtime hospice volunteer, Sheryl helped patients and families find a spiritual advantage or purpose in their time together during the end of life process. Raven and Sheryl have worked with men and women dealing with pregnancy issues, emotional pain. addictions, athletic injuries and cancer recovery as well as others needing to make creative changes in their professional and personal lives. Raven and Sheryl have a good track record with having Reiki help women get pregnant and seeing their pregnancies to term.

Raven has had the unique opportunity to be present in the operating room with Dr Mehmet Oz when one of her client needed open heart surgery. As a result of the positive effects for the patient and for the medical team who were able to experience the atmosphere of peace, healing and love generated by a Reiki Master in the operating room, Dr. Oz wrote this comment in the foreword to “The Healing Power of Reiki “Although difficult for the medical community at large to accept, an energy worker and a surgeon may be able to assist one another to ensure the “full recovery” of the patient…..A human life is more than a physical unit, so understanding illness is often difficult. Unconventional healing techniques can offer promising results although our ability to appropriately use these therapies is often limited. When a patient prepares for surgery, he or she may benefit from hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga and energy healing (Reiki)….By challenging me to look more deeply into the labyrinth that leads to health, Raven is making me do a better job.” (Dr Mehmet Oz)

Working with Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, Chief of Breast Surgery at New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, was another major accomplishment for Raven and for indeed all Reiki master practitioners. Dr. Feldman’s editorial in the medical journal The Annals of Surgical Oncology, describes the scientific research that supports his decision to include Reiki as part of a patient’s breast cancer treatment:
“At Columbia, we have initiated a study that incorporates the role Reiki practitioners in applying mind-body principles and energy healing to help to prepare patients for breast cancer surgery and emotionally accept the loss of their breast. We must continue to strive to provide care that is patient centered and reduces the stress and trauma of the disease.”

This is something unique to both Raven and Sheryl. Not all Reiki practitioners experience spiritual communication with a higher informational dimension. However, Raven and Sheryl as Intuitive healers do receive spiritual messages for their clients from spiritual guides, teachers or relatives who have passed. Over time it became clear to both that it was as important to give the messages as it was to channel the energy during a healing session. For example” Sheryl found she had a client who felt so sad that she was not present for her father’s passing, that she was experiencing many health issues. While administering Reiki, the client asked Sheryl if her father was still upset. The next impression Sheryl received was of the girl’s father wearing a clown costume with a wide smile plastered across his face while juggling balls. Her father let Sheryl know he was happy where he was and his daughter was not supposed to be with him at the time of his passing. Many souls choose to leave life in their own way. It is their individual soul choice having nothing to do with anyone else. The burden and guilt this girl had carried for long was released as a result of the humorous and loving message from her father telling her to let go, lighten up and know all was well..

Raven and I also have been most fortunate in discovering several of the many guides or angels that work with us during a healing session. While in the operating room with Dr. Oz, Raven was told by her guide Arch Angel Gabriel in spirit, to notice the angels on the ceiling of the operating room and was also told that angels are always in operating rooms ministering to those who are supposed to leave their bodies during a procedure, and also to help other souls remain in their bodies who might otherwise want to leave their earthly existence ahead of schedule. Sheryl was happy to read Raven’s description of what she saw in the operating room for it validated her own experience. Sheryl observed an elderly patient in a coma at hospice whose eyes were closed and while sending Reiki to the man, Sheryl saw in her inner vision three angels singing above the man. Sheryl could not hear the music, but felt the energy of love, and knew the man would soon depart his body. Sheryl thinks of that beautiful moment and is comforted by the knowledge that we are never alone, loved dearly and everything is happening in the right way and time for each of us. To love life so passionately and trust that I am guided to share these truths is the gift of Reiki and Spiritual communication. Reiki has been my way to discover without the shadow of a doubt that life or our spiritual soul energy is eternal.

As Reiki is for everyone since it can help prevent illness before it sets in by reducing stress and eliminating toxins and self-negating thinking, and by also creating a state of deep relaxation, acceptance and an increase in more supportive expressions of positive emotions, better life choices are nurtured. People undergoing surgery or dealing with cancer, physical ailments, and emotional dysfunctions or addictions can heal faster and have less discomfort than those not receiving Reiki. People transitioning during a hospice stay can also find relief and approach the change more easily. Reiki therefore is a valuable tool to sustain health and a positive approach to all life events and can be used for children as well. As a gentle effective treatment there are no dangers or lasting side effects as might happen in invasive procedures. It is important to note that the Reiki practitioner and client hold the intention for healing no matter what that healing might look like. As Raven and I have discovered, healing doesn’t always mean a cure. Sometimes healing means to help another person deal with an illness or loss and be eased through the dying process.

As an example: Sheryl observed years ago…. A man brought his wife who had cancer for a Reiki session, and a year later he returned for a session for himself. His wife was doing well since her Reiki session. Sheryl sensed the man was not eating and was feeling weak…weak enough to have fallen down in the shower. During the session Sheryl sensed a tall man of light at his solar plexus and said to him,” I sense you are a very loving and spiritual man.” After the session Sheryl suggested he follow the doctor’s treatment plan and asked him to call her to let her know how he was doing. The man thanked her and looked directly into her eyes. Several months later Sheryl found out he had passed . Sheryl believed the session helped him with his plans and his health challenge. Sheryl usually receives messages that empowers her clients to live life and improve their conditions. She was glad that she saw this message of the man in light as a reflection of the man’s life lived well and not impending death as no psychic or medium should ever give that kind of message. Sheryl thinks the medical community would be wise to offer hope and the means for dealing with an illness and not deliver definitive terminal diagnosis. Healing is not always a physical removal of symptoms but on a multi-dimensional level is to know, love, and accept ourselves, our destiny and life plan, and our challenges as they unfold doing the best we can as ethical, moral and just and king human beings.

Though Sheryl began her search for an understanding of how psychics or mediums received messages from the other side, it was her Reiki training and continuous practice of the techniques that allowed her to share mystical connections to those beings of higher realms. Sheryl imagines without those impressions from Spirit, and without Reiki, she would be like so many others who continue to limit their life experiences and allow the beliefs and fears of others to filter into their thoughts, limiting their ability for a great life. How grateful Raven and Sheryl are for Reiki and communication with Spiritual sources. Our greatest hope is that those we love so dearly may one day share the miracle of peace and healing that Reiki brings to this world.

Today Raven and I have discussed the benefits and mystical connections to all of life, to healing for our personal soul development and our divine life experience. Raven and I are so grateful to be sharing the open minded support of healers like Dr. Mehmet Oz, internationally known heart surgeon and Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, oncologist, and the other health professionals who are becoming aware that healing cannot just address the symptoms of the disease, but must pay attention to the patient’s inner life needs. True healing reconciles our physical, spiritual and emotional needs. By bringing Reiki energy healing sessions into your life and combining it with western traditional medical practices you will have the best opportunity to achieve physical and mental well-being. Find your personal team of people who professionally and personally support your fondest desires and goals and health, joy and prosperity will follow. Explore other energy modalities, meditation and yoga which all offer tremendous value for a healthy life plan. Leave no stone unturned as you say “Yes” to all of life’s joys and sorrows and with the true unconditional love that Reiki is, search for your best Higher Self with courage, faith and trust in the larger universal life plan.