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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Finding the Truth… Polygraph is another tool

Truth verification…. Lie Detection…. Polygraph exams is another tool being widely used to help find the truth in cases that need it. We now see polygraph exams being used by the employer in the hiring practices or pre-employment screening and they can be used if the employer sustains a verified and real loss. The polygraph exam is used in the legal system by both sides of a case in a number of ways as well. Attorneys may have their client take a private polygraph exam before they might put them on the stand in a trial, they might take one to verify the truth one tells and help verify facts of the case, and they might request a polygraph exam be administered by a Law Enforcement Officer.

The State of Colorado and a number of other states are now making polygraph exams mandatory for registered, convicted sex offenders annually. This can be as part of their probation to ensure they are not reoffending, viewing prohibited material, and part of their therapy to be used to verify the truth of their status.

Polygraph exams are also used in private determinations between people. One might ask the one they are preparing to commit to or preparing to spend their life with to take a polygraph. Of course when fidelity is suspected a couple might ask one or both parties to take a polygraph exam. It can be used to verify that one is being truthful in a family matter and when no one is willing to believe them.

An interesting episode that you may learn a few new facts about the polygraph and the tool that is has become in the search for facts and truthfulness.

Hear and learn what special guest Fred “Alby” Albertson has to say on this subject. He is a career Law Enforcement Officer and former Major Case Detective from the State of Georgia. He is now a well known and sought after Private Investigator based in Colorado. Alby is a Certified Polygraph Technician and has been providing polygraph exam services for a broad base of clients for several years now. Alby continues to lead his team of professionals and runs a highly regarded Private Investigations business known as Alby Enterprises LLC.

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