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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – Too Much Debt: The Killer of Credit and Relationships

One of the biggest causes of divorce in our country today is relationship breakdown due to financial hardship and our own personal relationship with money. As a 37 year mortgage veteran, consumer advocate, and life coach, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen couples fighting over money. Counseling couples at the time of home purchase or refinance can be a very stress filled environment when I pull a credit report and there are spending habits, poor credit scores, or undisclosed debt that the other spouse or partner was unaware of! Also, not communicating and having common budgeting goals or an agreement can just add fuel to the already smoldering fire. Far too many times I have asked clients sitting across my desk what monthly payment they can afford and I get a response like “I don’t know…that’s what I thought you were going to tell us?” A loan officer will tell you what the lender is willing to lend, but that is not necessarily what you can afford! And there’s nothing more frustrating than finding out later that your “Dream Home” has just eaten up your entire budget and there is no money left for vacation or fun stuff. Blow number #2 to an already shaky situation.

Today, couples need to be clear on what their financial goals are prior to going to a relationship! Join me today as my guest, Diane Tegarden, Author of “Budgeting on a Dime: 10 Steps to Financial Independence” and I discuss how credit and too much debt can be the killer of any relationship and how it’s time to be aware and get educated on your choices before you commit.