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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Stand Your Ground: Carry & Train Like Your Life Depends on it.

*Strong Language Warning*
Uniformed Celebrity chime ins, political pandering, backdoor agenda ram roding… yep we are having a conversation on: Guns, Self Defense, Gun Free Zones, “Stand Your Ground” & “Castle Doctrine” issues.

The Stand your Ground laws in various states are getting a little airtime of late, even though it wasn’t the foundation of George Zimmerman’s defense at all. Plenty of knobs have twisted the issue to be about “Stand your Ground” as a way to keep the gun grabber agenda alive. Stand your ground essentially says you are not obligated to run if your life is being threatened and you’re authorized to defend your life and that of another. Sure it’s more complicated than that but not really if your life is being threatened.

Do businesses who enforce “Gun Free Zones” bare responsibility for your full and complete safety from a spree shooter or violent mass attacker who we KNOW may likely target Gun Free Zones because it’s a safer hunting ground? These target rich environments have potential of baiting that kind of offender simply because it affords them the possibility of increased body counts, lengthier responses times, and greater attention. I personally think these businesses whose leadership has contributed – yes I think contributes to the increased victimization of innocent people by posting a policy of declaring themselves a Gun Free property need to be punished criminally and civilly. I think they are as responsible for the loss of life second only to the trigger pullers themselves. Please, go somewhere else and support a more responsible business at all costs – I do.

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Colorful “Tell it Like it is” Special Guest, Robert Higgins with Muzzle Front joins me in this conversation. Robert Higgins is a forward thinking Defensive Firearms & Self Defense Instructor with many more talents. Robert pushes his students out of their comfort zones in order to help them build the skills needed to defend themselves. He doesn’t often hold back or sugar coat things for you and he is a trainer you’re going to want to sit up and listen to today and again in the future. Check out Muzzle Front, Robert Higgins, and the MF Blog.

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