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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Sexy Challenges – Sacred, Sensual Experiences For Lovers

Experience passionate, playful, sexy sex in a committed, loving relationship with advice from Dr. Janelle Alex and Rob Alex, and America’s Love Guide Hadley Finch,,

This episode is NOT for children. It’s for you, if you want to deepen your bond with your lover and blend the sacred with the sensual.

If you are willing to laugh and play in life and activate your divine power and orgasmic potential, then you’ll love the SEXY CHALLENGES that you’ll discover as host Hadley Finch chats with Dr. Janelle Alex and her husband Rob Alex. Janelle and Rob have been married 10 years, and they help other couples develop the powerful, playful passion that they enjoy in their own marriage.

Enjoy this provocative 30 minute conversation which reveals:

• How couples stoke their sexual energy or let it die
• How to rekindle the sexual spark if one partner loses interest or the ability to sustain an erection
• How dating couples who are saving sex for marriage can experience sacred sex without having intercourse
• How to transcend the physical during sex to go from ordinary sex to experience sacred lovemaking.
* Why breathing is not just about supplying your body with oxygen, but a way to heighten the sexual experience, prolong orgasm, and even pierce the veil between the physical and spiritual realms
• Why orgasm is a prayer
• How often you need a dose of Vitamin O or Orgasm to gain health and longevity benefits of sexual healing in a committed relationship
• How sexual abstinence deprives you of the healthy longevity that sexually active couples enjoy.
• How newlyweds deepen their intimate bond with a sexy challenge
• How long-term couples can keep their sex life fresh, fun and exciting
• How to honor your partner with hot, powerful, loving, sacred sex for decades
* How dating singles can use sexy challenges to choose a great love match

Get the great love and happiness you deserve,