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Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – Web Reputation: Something Really Worth Protecting

More and more consumers are heading on-line and into the realm of social media and search engine platforms to praise or criticise business services and products. These comments can either make or break your business’s reputation. If you have a business then you’ll want to be aware of what’s being said about you and be able to take back the control of those comments to build and maintain businesses on-line (and off-line) reputations at the highest quality.

Join Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach as she chats with Cynthia Coop, CEO of Cynoptica: Digital Business Marketing and partner at MaxPapa. Cynthia has recently embarked on what she describes as a cutting-edge enterprise, working with clients on content creation, on-line marketing reputation, and more recently, digital web reputation as part of a team at MaxPapa. Their focus on what they call Reputation Marketing is innovative, interesting and something to pay attention to if you are on-line in any capacity.

In this show you’ll hear what Cynthia has to share about the challenges and opportunities that come with having an on-line presence. If you are in business, a marketer, service provider, even a blogger with an on-line presence then what Cynthia shares in today’s conversation is something you’ll want to take note of.

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