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Good Mourning: The Many Faces of Grief

Darcie D. Sims, Ph.D., CHT, CT, GMS

Good Mourning: The Many Faces of Grief – EXPLORING AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATIONS WITH Bill Guggenheim

Have you been contacted by a loved one who has died? Have you ever felt a touch or sensed a loved one’s presence, after the death? Has a whiff of a loved one’s favorite fragrance or after-shave floated by you when there was no reason for it being present? Have you ever “seen” a loved one or had a butterfly come to rest on your shoulder, just when you were thinking about your loved one?

Are these things real or are they just bits and pieces of our imagination, or grief induced hallucinations? No matter what they are, for those who have experienced them, they certainly seem real. And they bring a sense of peace and comfort to those of us trying to make sense out of something that seems to defy logic and science.

Join me as we explore After-Death Communications with Bill Guggenheim, a pioneer in the field of After-Death Communication (ADC) experiences. He is considered to be the “father of ADC research” and has written and spoken on this subject for more than 25 years. He and his former wife, Judy, wrote the best seller, Hello From Heaven! which contains 353 firsthand accounts of after death communications. Visit his website at and find his book at

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