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Paige Padgett

Sexy and Civilized – Nailing It With Debbie Leavitt, Natural Nail Stylist

Nail color is one of the fastest growing cosmetic categories. In fact, it outpaced lipstick in sales for the first time ever. Join me and Natural Nail Stylist and Creator of Sheswai Lacquer, Debbie Leavitt for tips on how to keep your nails naturally beautiful. Hint: your nippers are your nails best friend. Find out the difference between water based and traditional nail color and how it performs and why Sheswai nail polishes are the cleanest. Plus, Debbie reveals a surprising nail color she loves for summer and why she thinks it’s so sexy. She’ll dish a bit about the stiletto nail shape Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Adel are wearing. And I’ll tell you my favorite sunscreen (right now) and why I love the way it feels on my skin.