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Solutions in Plain Sight

Anne C. Graham

Solutions in Plain Sight – When You’re Just Not Reaching People With Your Presentations and More… Tell Stories Instead

How often do you stand up to do a presentation on some aspect of your business, and part way through you have that sinking feeling, knowing that you’ve lost your audience? Perhaps they’re surreptitiously checking their smart phone under the table… or clearly disconnected, with their eyes glazed over. Even worse is when you send out an email or other communication and hear nothing back. Effective, compelling, and memorable communications start with storytelling, and this guest shows us how.

Jen Grisanti helped craft the stories for such hits as Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and Charmed, yet she had to learn the hard way how to communicate in ways that engaged the hearts and minds of her business audiences with stories that were relevant and meaningful.

Whether you’re presenting the annual goals to a room of skeptical employees or reaching out to a customer who may be talking to all of your competitors, storytelling that resonates creates a level of engagement that facts and figures never can, because we can all relate to stories that touch our emotions and relate to our own experiences. With just a couple of simply takeaways, you can start becoming a better communicator and a better storyteller quickly and easily, and create the AHA! moments in with your audience that will deliver positive impact on your business.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about not having to reinvent the wheel when you get simple insights from others. Communication is one of the core skills for leaders and individual contributors at every level in a business, yet most of us never receive effective training for it! Simple. Practical. Profitable. Solutions. Your next step? Listen, and then start to experiment with some new ways of embedding stories in your everyday interactions. You can access additional free solutions in plain sight resources