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Kathryn McKinnon

Time Management Radio – TMR 072913, Coach Jenn Lee, Speaker, Business Strategist: How to Save Time in the Sales Process

The sales process doesn’t have to be long and tedious according to my guest, Coach Jenn Lee, Small Business Strategist, Media Commentator and Motivational Speaker. You can save time if you do a few things on a daily basis consistently well. During the call, we discuss:

• The 4 things to always keep in mind during the sales process;
• How to turn a casual social media relationship into a prospect and client;
• How to gain a clear picture of a prospect’s pain and need;
• Tips for keeping you on top of your prospect’s mind;
• Plus, we talk about some of the daily habits that can keep the sales process moving in the right direction and;
• The 4 most important questions you can ask to maximize any conversation.

Jenn Lee isn’t letting anyone or anything stop her from helping women entrepreneurs get busy in their business, get real about their plan, and get going towards their goals! Jenn’s go-getter attitude, humor and warm style landed her a regular spot on Orlando’s FOX Morning show, as a regular guest on BLOG talk radio shows and features in publications like Redbook, CBS MoneyWatch, Entrepreneur and SUCCESS Magazine. She’s also the motivational speaker and emcee for Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle tour, which is how we met. You can find more about Jenn at