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Your Money: Your Choices

Hank Coleman

Your Money: Your Choices – Investing In Gold For Your Retirement and Weathering The Financial Storms

Did you know that you could own gold bullion, gold coins, and other precious metals directly in your retirement accounts? In this episode of Your Money Your Choices, I’ll show you exactly how to invest in gold in your retirement accounts when I interview Kirill Zagalsky, a senior account executive at American Bullion. Kirill discusses the options that surround investing in physical gold, silver, and other precious metals in your self-directed IRAs that many individual investors are not aware of. We talk about who should invest in gold, where to keep it, how to do it, whether taking physical possession of the metal is right for you, and a host of other topics. We also divide into a little bit of investing controversy when we talk about storing gold and silver under you bed, why gold ETFs aren’t a great investment, and where the price of gold is going to be in the next ten years. You won’t want to miss this great episode.

Additionally, I talk to Cal Brown who is financial advisor and manager with Savant Capital Management, a fee-only wealth management firm that manages more than $3 billion in assets. During the interview, Cal and I talk about his book, “When Life Strikes: Weathering Financial Storms”. We talk about a host of often unavoidable financial stress and headaches such as losing your job, getting divorced, having the proper insurance policies in place, and a host of other finanical issues to be prepared for the finanical storms that always seem to encircle us and our lives.