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Carly J. Cais

Creatively Chic – Chic, Delicate Jewelry by Michelle Chang and BRIKA.com: The New Curated Online Store for Handmade Good

Michelle Chang’s gorgeous jewelry pieces have exploded in popularity recently and are now stocked at a number of stores and shopping sites both in the U.S. and abroad (you may have seen her jewelry on Fab.com!). We chat about her unusual beginnings as a jewelry designer (she actually started as an illustrator!) and her rapid success in the market, as well as her inspirations and insight into how she gets it all done. She has some great advice to those who are starting their own businesses too – and how to begin in jewelry-making if you’ve never dealt with metalsmithing before. This episode also includes a Spotlight Interview with Jen Lee Koss, co-founder of BRIKA.com, and a DIY Challenge to create your own simple pendants and layered necklaces (using some major corner-cutting methods!).