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Full Monty Leadership

Dõv Baron

Full Monty Leadership – Jim Bouchard…

My guest on this episode: Jim Bouchard… And he’s all about bringing us back to the basics… He is a speaker and the author of the Amazon bestseller “Think Like a Black Belt.” And as Jim says: It’s time to STOP WAITING!

According to Jim, to get to where you want to go we will have to come back to the basics… and for Jim Bouchard those basics are: Discipline, Respect and Personal Responsibility!

Jim’s resume is a colorful one. As a former television writer and producer, Jim has done everything from fitting pipes on submarines, mopping floors, pumping gas and selling hot dogs, to producing television commercials, fighting fires, boxing, playing drums in major concerts, hosting radio shows, and kicking for semi-pro football teams.

In this show we will examine what the Black Belt Mindset is and why we need it more than ever right now