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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Hair Replacement Surgery : An expert review by Dr Lycka & Dr Chaffoo

Hair Replacement Surgery continues to develop to provide natural looking results with less pain, less discomfort, less downtime and no scars. To help you discover the facts behind these amazing results, this week your show host & Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka introduces Dr Richard Chaffoo, a world famous plastic surgeon who loves doing hair transplants, and who does many of them. The two doctors discuss how hair transplantation surgery has developed from the time when the medical profession were under the opinion that it was impossible… right up to the latest ‘gold standard’ in hair transplant surgery, micro follicular extraction. Listen to their clear and simple explanations of this latest technique and if you know anyone suffering with hair loss – tell them to listen to this before they do anything else!

Download the Show Notes here for the detailed content of this interview in PDF format.