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Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – In Business? Then You’ve Got Something To Protect. The Real Truth About Trade Marking

Today I’ve got a real treat for our listeners who are business owners or who have created a product or service that they want to protect. We all know that it takes a lot of time, money, emotion and all sorts of things to create something and then put it out there in the world. How do you protect your hard work and keep it safe though? If you’ve ever wondered about the world of trademarking, as I have, then today’s show is a must listen.

Join host Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach as she chats with Suzanne Harrington who is a trademark specialist and one of Australia’s leading trade mark registration strategists. Suzanne has 20 years of experience in dealing with the registration process for trade marks, both in Australia and around the world and this has enabled her to develop an enviable reputation for dealing effectively and efficiently with the Australian Trade Marks Office to achieve registration of her client’s trademarks and for being responsive to her client’s needs.

Suzanne started her own company in 2010 after seeing a niche in the marketplace where business owners were not being provided with knowledge about protecting their names which was leaving them vulnerable to business name or product name identity theft. In today’s show Suzanne will share everything from what is a trade mark?, to why you need to have one to protect your goods and services, to how to get started on the trademark journey. While Suzanne is based in Australia and specialised in trade marking in this region her expertise and knowledge is invaluable to anyone with something to protect.

Suzanne’s mission is to provide options and strategies to businesses so that they have the knowledge to own and protect one of their most valuable assets, that is, their brands. She is the Amazon best selling author of Trademarking Your Business: Trademark Secretars: 21 Tips to Keeping Your Brand Safe!

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