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The Dog Connection

Annie Brody

The Dog Connection – The science behind dogs and the dog-human relationship

Scientific inquiry into dogs has grown exponentially since the 1950s. This research is vast and incorporates animal behavior (ethology), psychology, zoology, archaeology and genetics, among other fields.

In this show, we’ll meet Julie Hecht, a canine behavioral researcher and science writer who manages the Alexandra Horowitz’s Dog Cognition Laboratory at Barnard College in New York City. Julie and her co-workers have investigated olfactory preferences, dog understanding of “fairness,” dog-human play behavior and common anthropomorphisms. A regular contributor to The Bark magazine, Julie blogs at Scientific American magazine under Dog Spies and at Do You Believe in Dog?, a joint, pen-pal blog with fellow researcher Mia Cobb.
Julie gives us an insider look at the research on dogs in their natural environment and how you can use these findings to enhance your dog’s quality of life and your relationship with your dog.