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Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – How to drive in more leads and get your best clients by asking smarter questions

Join Ann and her guest Doug Brown, entrepreneur and CEO of, as we uncover one of the fundamental marketing mistakes many small business owners make — not asking yourself the right questions about your target client or customer. Think you are already asking the right questions? Think again — so did the business owner you’ll hear about who spent $1 million in advertising that failed to bring in a single lead — ouch! You’ll hear how asking smarter questions showed them exactly what they were doing wrong, and then about another company that increased sales by over $6 million in less than a year by asking Doug’s 6 key questions which led them to re-define their whole marketing strategy. 6 Essential Questions to define your market, 3 Keys to create your marketing message, and more, all on this segment of your nuts and bolts business solutions source, Turning Problems into Profits.