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Ace Abbott’s Aviation Affair – The Drone Dilemma: Updated

As the drone dilemma intensifies, the subject has now become a front-and-center media issue. The White House Press Secretary and the soon-to-be named director of the CIA, John Brennan, are engaged in a very thoroughly choreographed soft-shoe dance to avoid the possible bombshell of a potentially volatile statement. This issue will be discussed with guest Jim Worden, along with the many aspects of non-warfare, civilian uses for drones.

Will we soon be riding on commercial jets that would be classified as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), also referred to as drones? Ace and his guests will discuss this likely impending possibility as they also discuss the many other nuances and considerations of a world where drones will be playing a very large role, both as law enforcement entities and vehicles of convenience for farmers, search and rescue people, as well as many roles that have yet to be considered. The many conflicts and controversies already evolving are just the tip of an iceberg of what might be analogous to a Brave New World.