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Caregiver Help Radio – Innovative Products and Services that Reduce Caregiver Stress

If you’ve ever tried to tighten a screw with a knife or a coin instead of a screwdriver, or if you’ve ever used the heel of your shoe instead of a hammer to pound in a nail, you know it’s possible to accomplish almost any task if you use a little ingenuity. However, if you want to get things done correctly, efficiently and in a timely manner, it really does help to have the right tools. Fortunately, as the needs of our aging population increase, there are more and more innovative products and services coming on the market that make life more pleasant for people who are aging, chronically ill, or disabled. And when you help improve the quality of life for someone who needs care, it also benefits the caregiver by saving time, energy, effort and emotional stress.

Join us as we visit with three guests who are all providing products or services that can benefit both caregivers and care receivers:

Jim Doherty, owner of Security Bath shares what a person needs to know about purchasing and installing walk-in bathtubs. If you have ever considered adapting your home to accommodate a walk-in tub, be sure to review the Buyers Guide on Jim’s website.

Catherine Calarco, Chief Marketing Officer for HeartMath talks about a new digital health app that makes it possible to measure the physical impact our feelings have on us through the beat-to-beat changes in our heart rate and how we can use that information to manage and reduce our stress.

Ian Salditch, CEO of Medicine on Time, shares information about a service that sorts and packages prescription medications. Medicine on Time is a serious company that provides a valuable service. They also have the funniest television ads about prescription medications you will ever see. To see how the “Bass-o-Matic” classic skit from Saturday Night Live influenced the marketing of this valuable service, visit:

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