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Employee Engagement: The Heart of Business Success

Les Landes

Employee Engagement: The Heart of Business Success – The Inside Scoop on Open Book Management

When the practice of “open book management” (OBM) was introduced by Springfield Remanufacturing Company (SRC) in the mid-1980s, it started a revolution that continues to this day. It’s been described as “lightning in a bottle” by one business writer, and it has transformed thousands of companies from struggling to stardom. The success of OBM spawned a book written by the company’s president, Jack Stack, called “The Great Game of Business.” It is one of the most highly acclaimed business books of the last two decades, and the 20th anniversary edition was just released on July 16. The popularity of OBM also led to an SRC business venture, a consulting firm named after the book. Patrick Carpenter, Vice President of The Great Game of Business, provides an insider’s glimpse into what is arguably the most potent tonic for success on the business landscape today.