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Jim Duke

Guide for Gay Living – Five Principles of Coming Out

Coming out is not an event, a one-time announcement that is over and done in one simple step. Coming out is a process, developed over time, in which each individual chooses who to identify oneself as gay or bisexual, when to make the information known and how to tell it. It is a rite of passage for each person in the LGBT community, when one’s secret becomes known and the weight of holding back the truth about oneself is gradually lifted. For some, it is a painful and challenging aspect of self-identification; for others a freeing and liberating journey. Regardless of how it all unfolds, there are principles to coming out that can ease the process and help you along the way. Whether you have yet to come out or have been out for awhile, each of us faces the choices of being our authentic selves in each interaction with other people. Join your host, Jim Duke, as he shares his own personal experiences and the five key principles he has found to be most helpful to others in their own coming out.