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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Peace “Within” Is Our Natural State Of Being

In today’s episode of” Healing From Within” your Host Sheryl Glick Reiki Master Teacher/Medium welcomes Marlise Karlin author of “The Power of Peace in You” and founder of The Simplicity of Stillness Method. Many of us have been engulfed by life’s challenges uncertain of how to proceed and make necessary changes and these very feelings drove Marlise to perhaps the lowest moments of her rollercoaster life. At that most difficult time Marlise received incredible insights that led her to profound peace and healing and in today’s show will describe the momentous event that changed her life and offer her discoveries for bringing revolutionary tools for hope and healing into modern day life.

Internationally renowned author and teacher Wayne Dyer describes his interest in this book and Marlise’s “Stillness Session CD” as follows: Marlise and her wonderful message will be a great force in facilitating a shift in consciousness toward a divine love and cooperation on our fragile planet.”
Marlise’s real message is an undisputable truth that the real peace is and has always been within us and is our natural state of being. It is in finding the path back to that natural state of wellness and hope that is the means for healing and happiness. Marlise Karlin is a transcendent teacher humanitarian and author using her gifts and talents to bring knowledge of healing tools for a mind and body connection. It was the challenges of her earlier life from runaway teen to award winning producer that led her to a sequence of events that shifted her perception of life energy and spiritual connections and showed her what is now possible as we enter the 21st century.

Marlise describes The Simplicity of Stillness Method also called The SOS Method as a way to access and connect with this conscious energy stream or field of Universal Intelligence and live from the awareness accessed through these connections. As a Reiki Intuitive Teacher Sheryl and other healers such as Quantum Angel Healers, The Reconnection Healers a System of healing discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl and other energy medicine professionals access this informational dimension or field changing their vision of Self while encouraging a higher state of connection to their inner spiritual talents and gifts. Life changes and interactions with life becomes peaceful, more loving and happier.

Marlise shares Seven Basic Principles which support our experiential journey into new worlds and new insights about our lives. Many of these principles are supportive thoughts of the Energetic Laws of the Universe. Working in alignment with these truths improve many choices and decisions that can be made to bring you a better understanding of your life challenges and how to tap into your inner resources to resolve old thought processes.
For example:

1. Everything in the universe consists of Energy—Human beings are energy in form.

2. This Energy is the life force that sustains and maintains our world and is given different names depending on our understanding. Whether we find it in nature, or name it God, Infinite Intelligence, Source, Quantum field….at the Core it is all the same.

3. Science informs us that a field of Universal Intelligence surrounds us but neglects to explain how to access it. The Simplicity of Stillness Method incorporating meditation and energy healing sessions are two of the many ways to connect with this Conscious Energy Stream.

4. Human beings vibrate at different frequencies..light and peace are the vibration associated with the Energy field of Consciousness and can be integrated or downloaded into our denser bodies over time. Considerable personal efforts and changes aid in this process.

5. As this power moves through you in greater measurements the higher vibrations of consciousness emanate from you benefiting and uplifting those around you even if they are unaware or uninterested in the reasons for this effect.

6. Humanity’s natural progression, from the lower frequencies of survival to higher consciousness is evolving more rapidly now so we can move forward to a more enlightened society valuing individual needs cooperatively and caring for the Earth.

7. When one is ready to broaden their horizons and accept the gifts you are capable of life’s mysteries begin to unravel. This spiritual quest might exist for many but not necessarily for all people, as some souls are more grounded in a physical approach to their life and that is their choice.

There are different ways to attune to this timeless expansive intelligence. This includes SOUND or higher frequencies such as Tibetan bowls, a sacred chant and the music offered through the Stillness Sessions which transmit a level of vibration that transcends time and space. Much like a Reiki energy healing session it is hard to describe without actually having the experience. It also includes SIGHT or reading and reflecting on passages in a book written from that timeless dimension which connects us to the deep spaciousness within the works. When discovering material that talks to our inner world we become aware of synchronistic events and find ourselves in the natural flow of life achieving health, happiness and our goals or divine destiny. TOUCH allows us a reservoir of sensorial force or an extension of our inner personal power and strength. Feeling the tingling or vibration of expanding energy in our hands as we move beyond the physical world to sense the formless nature of our soul that energy healing sessions may show the recipient allowing for a greater way to understand this dynamic dimension of love. Finally INTENTION or the thoughts which are a pure form of energy and can bring events into reality through intention…which is actually the concentration of our attention. When you consider that all actions are created first by thoughts it becomes clear why George Bernard Shaw said, “ Some men see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask why not? A focused thought is sent into a quantum field and has the organizing power to bring fulfillment.

Marlise suggests in “The Power of Peace in You” that choices should be based on heart/mind coherence and that helps to bring the Energy of higher consciousness or a connection to our dual nature as spiritual and physical human beings. This knowledge can help us rise above the separation or loneliness that prevails if we are disconnected from this higher Universal energy.

Marlise writes: Love is not intellectual, it emanates from the heart: living separate from this way of Be—ing and relating to the world will no longer be a viable option. Those who cling to old structures will find there is nothing to hold onto as outdated constructs collapse. Economies will continue to fall as they have, governments will topple and people who have not learned to live in alignment with their heart will be lost as relationships thought to be fulfilling no longer have any meaning. From political leadership to close personal ties we will witness the dissolution of humanity’s mindless ambitions and endless discord and conflict: what is arising is being replaced with higher levels of courage, well being and self-expression.
Sheryl adds to Marlise’s assessment of the changes we are all seeing and feeling..This major shift over the last decade is the result of the ending of The Age of Pisces, an age represented by physical and material impulses, to The Age of Aquarius, an age of higher spiritual thoughts and responses. As we evolve throughout the cycles of human evolution, changes propel us to embrace a world of cooperation and an interconnection to others, leaving behind the less evolved theme of materialism, competition and self-absorption. The way for many people now observing the breakdown of many of our institutions and societal belief systems will be to go through this breakdown to breakthroughs, and by going Deeper Within, will discover the innate power to move past these inevitable changes.

Those of us who have been fortunate to discover the connection to Eternal life and Higher Consciousness regardless of what resistance, patterns of dysfunction or addictions know that this state of Love and Being arrives in many forms and remaining in an unawakened or unknowing state of mind is no longer an option. There is no turning back as the path ahead is illuminated with the truth and wonderment of how to live and prosper as compassionate human beings.

Marlise gives a thoughtful quote from Rumi, an ancient mystic:

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you……..

Don’t go back to sleep

You must ask for what you really want

Don’t go back to sleep

People are going back and forth across the doorsill

Where the two worlds touch

The door is round and open

Don’t go back to sleep

As Marlise and Sheryl well know the extraordinary gift to know who you are, beyond the physical, is an expanded view of unconditional love, and a sense of balance that can be found in the quiet recesses of your inner being. Meditation, prayer and the beauty of nature, music and art are tools to tap into the clarity and peace of mind of your Soul. It is the effort of a true seeker that ultimately reveals the mysteries of heaven and earth. Healing energy sessions bring you to the Stillness of Being, help you to hold the Divine within, and then to bring it into physical life for manifesting and creating joy and positive growth for ourselves and others. The search sometimes begins with a painful or traumatic event that brings us to a place of acceptance and surrender and then the journey may begin!

Marlise wrote in “The Power of Peace in You “The rhythm the Universe dances to…the moon, the tides, the changing of the seasons all move in accordance with this knowing…Once you listen to your Universal Energy it will guide your daily decisions, aligning your actions with purpose.

Marlise and Sheryl invite you to desire to find your higher vision for your personal life as you work with healing energy sessions and fill your life with people who also seek self-fulfillment. Find the path through the thicket of life experiences, challenges, fears, traumas and addictions. Desire peace within, and you will find health, prosperity and love. It is not the outside world that harms or limits your true magnificence…it is only your own fear or self-doubt.