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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – Is the Paranormal Real?

Life-after death, near-death, and out-of-body experiences; noisy spirits; haunted houses; and ghosts. Paranormal happenings, however much science tells us they don’t exist, continue to fascinate the intellect, as evidenced by the increasing number of readers, TV viewers, and moviegoers attracted to stories breaking the rules of what we call reality. While the media tends to sensationalize the paranormal for entertainment value, there are a number of researchers studying the paranormal using the methods of science. Philip Mereton’s guest this week is one of the country’s leading paranormal researchers, Ed Ozosky, founder of Hauntings Research and instructor of Paranormal Studies at Pittsburgh Area College. Is the paranormal real? After listening to this interview, you may no longer have any doubts.