Money and Success

Ready, Set, Retire

Kris Miller, chFEBS, CSA, LDA

Ready, Set, Retire – “As keepers of earth’s garden we can restore and preserve ourselves and


We have entered an era like none other in history. The economy of the Western world and the ecology
of the entire planet are threatened with the possibility of imminent collapse. In the midst of these dire
circumstances, a dramatic shift is occurring within human consciousness. The ancient prophecies of the
Hopi, Mayans and Incas, among others, all point to this moment as the time when humanity will
undergo a rapid evolution within a single generation–that will affect all future generations. And evolve
we must, if we are to remain as a viable species on a healthy planet.
The EarthKeeper intimately chronicles Hall’s remarkable journey and illuminates a path for others to
follow. Once a conquistador who felt entitled to rule over the earth, Adam transformed into a naturecentric
“undeveloper,” dedicated to maintaining harmony and balance within the Gaia’s all-providing

An Indiana Jones saga of exotic adventure and redemption, The EarthKeeper is a remarkable story of
courage and conviction; and a roadmap to a better future–personally and collectively.
Dream in all its glory and then wokeup
condition. Once a financial power-broker
a life-changing metamorphosis