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Seeking Serenity

Dr. Margery Runyan

Seeking Serenity – Dreaming Heaven in Teotihuacán

Gini Gentry is one of the Naguals (guides) who take us on a journey through Teotihuacán, an ancient Toltec site near Mexico City, in their DVD and Journeybook ‘Dreaming Heaven – the Beginning is Near.’ Dr. Mercy talks with Gini about her experiences in that sacred space as tour guide, author, and teacher of the Four Agreements. Gini and her fellow Naguals, Lee McCormick and Francis Rico, have created this DVD journey of ascending consciousness in order to illustrate the mystery traditions. These include the Toltec way of life manifested in one of the tallest pyramids on Earth. The Toltec tradition transforms us from the duality of fear-based living into our essential nature of ‘love without conditions’ through this journey into ourselves.