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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – The Only Thing Stopping You Is You! Awesome Lessons In Smashing Adversity

Can you remember a time when you thought you might not be able to keep going? When you questioned how on earth you could get up and move forward? We have all had times that we can remember that we might prefer to forget. We have all faced challenges, difficulties and hardships. Sometimes those things beat us and sometimes those things inspire us to embrace life in a whole new way.

Join host Shannon Bush as she chats with the motivating Curtis Palmer, a Gold medal winning Paralympic athlete, motivational speaker, safety education officer, ambassador and all round good guy. A dedicated adventure junkie, scuba diver and wheelchair rugby veteran Curtis has travelled the globe and is now taking all of his life experiences into schools and companies to inspire others to “smash it” the way he has.

During today’s episode you will hear Curtis share some of his favourite motivational tools as well as real life, easy to act on advice for anyone who feels like the struggle they are in right now is winning. Curtis shares his passion for helping others to smash through the adversities of life. He’s genuinely passionate about helping others and you’ll hear this come through from start to end.

Curtis recently published his autobiography, Broken But Never Beaten, a real and honest insight into his life story and the lessons he has learned along the way that helped him to achieve many of his dreams and that inspires him to live his many great passions including wheelchair rugby, scuba and free diving and being actively invovled in and teaching self-development. As Curtis say’s “the only thing stopping you is YOU!” so if you feel you need a big reality check and want some genuine motivation to create a different and better result in your life then this episode is a winner.

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