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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Healing From Within – How To Think Less and Find Peace Within

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick welcomes Sandy C. Newbigging who is a meditation teacher, creator of The Mind Detox Method, and the author of several books including his newest book “Thunk” whose premise is that over thinking is very stressful, eventually leading to physical conditions and hindering our natural state of well-being. The mind is a remarkable tool but as all tools are meant to be used when required and put aside when you are done. If you cannot empty the mind to find a silent state of rest and connection to higher thoughts and energy, you are not able to be healthy and productive.

As described by Sandy…”Thunk” is about gently disengaging from the endless thoughts of your mind, rather than trying to manipulate, change, or fix these thoughts. It’s about learning to rest, while aware of the present moment occurring, and noticing what exists in that time when you let go of ALL thinking. It is about observing more fully the world and people around you without creating unnecessary judgment or concerns.

Sandy also observes inner peace and the joy derived thereof brought about not so much by changing your thinking, but by shifting the whole process of thinking itself, namely by entering the meditative state where pure awareness arises. Pure awareness uncluttered by thoughts are main ideas in the Taoist tradition which suggests that being empty and in a peaceful state allows even gods and spirits to be drawn to you bearing great gifts…. In other words, seek peace and all else will be added.

As Sandy and Sheryl suggest being in a state of knowing that you are an absolutely amazing infinite conscious energy source of peace and love; both spirit and a human being. While some may not feel it…it doesn’t stop it from being true and this knowing or truth of the energetic aspects of your life force, overrules beliefs and feelings which are only relatively real and temporary.

The mind is thought to be the master and the body is the servant or put another way the body follows the mind. When the mind is troubled or is paying attention to self defeating ideas and beliefs, the body reflects this thinking by creating dysfunction, pain or disease in the body. Understanding the mind- body connection is the key for preventing illness and or maintaining a state of health happiness and prosperity. We were all born to live a great life but to do that to the best of our ability requires focusing on thoughts that lead to fruitful objectives. It is known that 50 percent of thoughts perceived on a daily basis may be negative, but once you understand it is your choice to engage or delete from your mind any thought you have the power to focus your attention on what brings positive experiences into your everyday life. Sometimes your thoughts and mind separate us from knowing a huge part of ourselves and remembering the reason we were born.

Sandy offers several quotes the first is a Chinese proverb: “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Another quote by William Shakespeare says “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking it so….” Remembering once again that 50 percent of our thoughts are negative or fearful, therefore it is not so much about changing these negative thoughts or emotions, but more importantly by tapping into an inner stillness or inner being; the silence within, where peace, calm, and joy are already present.

Sandy expresses that what he learned from several meditation teachers was that the cause of most people’s persistent problems was not failing to think positively, but an unbridled imagination and habit or pattern of thinking that was self limiting and outdated. Despite life being much like we want, many are not happy yet because they don’t feel successful or have peace of mind. Whether you have the body, looks, education, career, money, home, hobbies, or life you think you desire, the truth is that NONE of these things really matter. You are simply not aware of your infinite and higher Self..your beliefs and physical life are only temporary, but your true divine peaceful self is eternal.

Understanding duality and positive and negative emotions and how to transcend their implications may lead to true freedom. Duality or the thought that there are either positive or negative emotions are a mind based illusion. If the mind labels the emotion as negative or right or wrong, we often end up resisting the feeling, but what we resist seems to persist. Resistance puts too much attention on the very feeling your mind decides it doesn’t want and this focus causes that emotion to stick around longer and draws more of that energy or similar situations to it. Emotions are “energy in motion” within your body and mind, and are designed to flow. If and when emotions become stuck and embedded in your cellular physical body, it leads to dysfunction and disease. Trapped emotions over time become harmful for the body.

Sandy suggests It becomes clear that by changing your relationship with your emotions, it is possible to reduce the stressful load on your body and mind, increasing your energy levels, your health and your level of peace. Peace is not the absence of emotion, but learning to be at peace with any feeling you experience.
Sheryl offers three words which may offer the way to achieve peace and at the same time embrace all emotions as a way to refine and rebuild past deficiencies in our thinking or feelings. Allow, Accept and Surrender to all events, without undue drama or anxiety. With less resistance, feel yourself empowered from within your soul’s perception, free from the complications of other peoples actions and views.

In a description of our physical and energetic life forces, Sandy uses two words….Content and Context … Content refers to the outward quality of life and Context refers to the inward quality of your life.
Content comes and goes and changes, but the context is constantly present and never changes.

According to Sandy, until a person develops the skill of Context Awareness, they can end up suffering, and life can be filled with trauma, drama, stress, unproductive choices, fears, anxieties, and personal losses-job, relationship, or loss of health. Much of our life and time can be lost when too much time is focused on thinking about the past or future, and playing “The Judgment Game”.

It would seem that Peace should be our main priority as it may be more important than any other perceived belief. Beliefs are only sometimes true. Absolute truth is always true for everyone in all time and space. People arguing over beliefs will often miss their inner truth which always allows for love, peace and stillness beyond the illusion or complexities of the physical world. So let people have whatever opinion they want based often on distorted views of you or life and based on their own prejudices and judgments. They may try to disturb your sense of peace as they simply have never experienced it, or do not deem it necessary. If we relax and detach from the way others may or may not react, our loving nature will not be affected, and our personal sense of power or peace cannot be taken away from us. Also, by letting go of needing people to behave how we think they should, this will allow for a greater development of compassion . We will feel free of any perceived hurt or sadness. Greater joy for life and a greater level of health will be the gift you receive.