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Prosper Now!

Tracy O’Brien

Prosper Now! – Marketing can be a mystery to many. And don’t think you don’t need this show! Whether you’re trying to sell a million dollar package to a client or the need for a new car to your spouse or why you want your kid to make a better choice, honey, you’re marketing and you need to be good at it!

Mark Satterfield, owner of Gentle Rain Marketing, joins us to show you and me how to have influence through the use of unique sales stories. This is a valuable tool you can pull out whenever you need to persuade or put your point across and influence the outcome – at work or at home! You’ll also get a chance for a free copy of Mark’s excellent book, Unique Sales Stories!

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Whole Life Prosperity: I’m taking you into a personal journey that set me free from a problem that’s plagued me for over 40 years! I’ll also share some of the tools I’ve used to experience greater freedom and success at