Money and Success

Turning Problems Into Profits

Ann Hession

Turning Problems Into Profits – Go for the Gold and Get your Ass(ets) in Gear!

This episode of the show takes two different looks at the importance of protecting and building assets. You work hard for your money, but where should you put it once you have it? In the first half of the show, in an interview with American Bullion, find out what virtually no one seems to know about how simple, legal and smart it is to have a portion of your retirement savings in actual gold! And what options you can even offer your employees for their retirement planning. Find out more at

Then, get a reality check about your business and how you run it — your most important asset should be your business, but do you run it so that it is, or do you really just have a job that owns you? If you have EVER said “I just don’t have the time to work on my business, I’m too busy putting out fires!” then let Ann walk you through the Boss’s Breakthrough, to take control of your time and help you start to turn your business into a true asset that can fund and support you for the rest of your life. Download the Boss’s Breakthrough pdf here and get started:
If you don’t control your time, you don’t control your business. Period.