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Jim Duke

Guide for Gay Living – Sorab Wadia — The Rainbow of Gay Multi-Culturalism

Culture, society, religion, sexuality — those of us in America have our views how it does (or doesn’t) all come together, but it is not the only view in this great big world. Sorab Wadia was born in Bombay to artistic parents in a culture rich with religious elements and influences. His professional journey as musician, singer and actor has led him to the stages of New York and appearances on popular television shows. His one-man show based on Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” garnered him much well-deserved praise, as did his recent turn as the fading Bollywood star in off-Broadway’s “Bunty Berman Presents.” His personal path, colored by his background and experiences and woven into a fascinating tapestry, brings wonderful examples of what it means to be gay in various cultures. His coming out, his self-acceptance and his search for love are universal themes, but told with the humor and pathos of a true artist. Join Jim Duke for this world view of the experiences of one man coming to terms with his sexual identity.