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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Making nonprofit collaborations work – 09/16/13

Ever feel frustrated that local nonprofits are doing similar things but aren’t working together on an issue, like literacy? Have you ever wondered what it’s going to take to solve problems you’ve been hearing about for years, like homelessness or improved graduation rates for low-income teens? It turns out, effective collaborations among all kinds of community programs address these concerns. My guest this week is Mark Langseth, the president and CEO of I Have a Dream Foundation Oregon. The organization helps low-incoem students succeed in school, college and career. It does this by connecting community resources and education in creative ways to enhance outcomes for both.

On the show, Mark and I discuss how some 60 community partners have come together for a school in Portland, Oregon, to focus on the immediate needs of low-income families. What must be present for community organizations to work well together? How do they overcome their fears of losing their identities and possibly, funding? What does a successful collaboration look like?

The role that I Have a Dream Foundation Oregon plays in successful collaborations is a key to success for these efforts. This is a good news show that clips along at a fast pace. You’ll hear a lot of great ideas for how to “move the needle” on seemingly intractable problems in your community.

I hope you enjoy the show.