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Meryl Neiman

Parenting With Playdate Planet – What Does The Future Hold for Children’s Books?

Books truly are a child’s bridge to the future and the past, and to imagination and reality. However, with competition from television, video games, the Internet, and apps, are children still reading books? How are things changing in the publishing industry and will modern technological developments help or hurt the field of children’s literature? On this week’s show, I have fascinating conversations with three different guests to help address these questions: Steve Geck is the Editorial Manager for Sourcebooks publishing company’s Jabberwocky division, their children’s book imprint, and he talks about the health of the children’s book industry and highlights what new books parents can look for this fall; Jordan Lloyd Bookey is the co-founder of Zoobean, a curated book subscription service that lets parents easily find the perfect book for their child’s interest, and she shares why it is so important that books mirror a child’s world and also provide a gateway to the exploration of new and different ideas; Dr. Rafael (Tico) Ballagas is the co-founder and CEO of Kindoma, the maker of a revolutionary app that combines video chat capability and shared e-books, and he explains how sharing a story helps families connect long distance.