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Protecting Your Health

Dr. Donald Robbins and Dr. Kathleen Boyle

Protecting Your Health – Mothers Taking This Had Children With Better Language Skills. Antidepressants Are Useless In These Elderly People. Mucus and Mud – How Do They Boost Your Immune System? Should You Make Your Pet’s Food Yourself? These Two Beverages Lower Your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.

Taking this supplement while pregnant improves your child’s language skills and abilities later in life.
Elderly who have this type depression should stop taking antidepressants. They do not work or make you feel better!
How can playing in the mud and having excess mucus make your immune system stronger and make you healthier?
PetSide: Making your own pet food is not as easy as you think. The nutrient balance that must go into it requires a great deal of planning and buying. Hear what is needed for a healthy dog or cat food.

A simple way to improve your cardiovascular profile by drinking this beverage is explained. Reduce your blood pressure and heart rate easily.