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A Woman’s Path to Consciousness

A Woman’s Path to Consciousness – From surviving to thriving: dealing with alcoholism, fear and self-doubt.

The journey of one’s life, though rocky and at times heartbreaking, hones us for realizing and experiencing our true potential.

 Ellen Mann shares with us her courageous journey and the many obstacles she encountered along the way.

Through each obstacle, Ellen was devastated and angry, but as her inner light kept shining, she realized in order to move forward she had to be in gratitude for the gifts of her “past life” and be open to using those gifts in new service to others.

Now Ellen is helping others realize the importance of self-care, honoring yourself first. Her expertise lies in working with individuals, business owners and executives who are seeking to break through issues holding them back from realizing the successes they desire and deserve.

Ellen is a Transition Life & Business Coach
Certified Master Dream Coach
Certified Advanced Passion Test Facilitator