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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – Conscious Awareness Creates Limitless Happiness

Being conscious and aware allows us to make more empowered choices and take more confident and self-supportive action in our lives. Consciousness and awareness significantly increase your potential to break through previously binding limits to create and live a limitless life. Happiness is a genuine by-product of consciousness and awareness and it’s a well known fact that we all desire to feel happier in many areas of our lives

Join host Shannon Bush as she talks with guest Helen Kerrison, a Transformational Coach and Consciousness Expert as well as a speaker, presenter, host of her own, weekly Live the Life you Love Internet-TV show, self-growth expert on the Living Consciously Cable-TV show, coach and author.
Helen is known for charming and inspiring audiences around the world with her powerful, authentic message and unique range of holistic personal development programs including her renowned Love Your Life Now program that combine consciousness, spirituality and alignment with the Universal Laws with a goals-based approach. In today’s episode Helen shares some insightful thoughts on the connection between consciousness, awareness, making choices and self-responsibility, all keys she believes are essential to release the limits in your life and therefore create the happiness you seek and a truly limitless life

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