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Good Mourning: The Many Faces of Grief

Darcie D. Sims, Ph.D., CHT, CT, GMS

Good Mourning: The Many Faces of Grief – Does One Type of Death Hurt More or Is Grief Just Different?

Does it hurt more to have a loved one die by sudden, accidental death or a long-term illness? Does it hurt more to have someone die by homicide or suicide? What about deaths from conflicts or war or acts of terrorism? Who hurts the most? And is this a valid argument and an appropriate use of our grief time?

Dare we compare grief? Even the bereaved may attempt to play the Bereavement-one-upmanship game of Who Hurts More? Does knowing you “win” at this psychological and social “game” help in your grief journey? Or does it simply add to the isolation and the pain?

My guest today is Cathy Seehuetter, a twice bereaved mom whose daughter died as the results of a drunk driver crash and whose stepson died by suicide. Come with me as we visit with one person who can truly compare types of losses and see what she thinks.

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