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Leading Beyond the Status Quo

Al Gonzalez

Leading Beyond the Status Quo – From Homeless to Ivy League Grad, to Helping the Children of America Lead Positive Change

How does a homeless 17 year old get accepted into an ivy-league university and goes on to lead efforts with the grandchildren of Mahatma Ghandi, the CEO of Zappos, and members of the New England Patriots?

As you will learn, with courage, positive energy, and humility!

Join us this week as we learn the inspirational and moving story of Erik Lehmann, a leader who has overcome amazing challenges his entire life by serving others and leading by example.

Erik is the founder and Change Agent at Dream Catalyst, an organization dedicated to help realize the dreams of our youth AND, as you will learn, Erik was just selected to speak during Catalyst Week for the Downtown Project at Zappos in Las Vegas to promote his new initiative called Game Changers!