2012 Higher Love

Parent Well in our Digital World

Gloria DeGaetano

Parent Well in our Digital World – Young Children and the Sensory World

Part One: Guest Interview

Gloria, founder of The Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) and author of Parenting Well in a Media Age, talks with PCI Certified Parent Coach® Alice Hanscam, owner of Denali Parent Coaching. Alice has worked with families for over 30 years. As a PCI Certified Parent Coach® she walks alongside parents as they gain confidence and joy in their parenting and in all their relationships. For Alice, Parent Coaching is a life calling—one that inspires her daily. She welcomes all who understand the enormity of their job as a parent, encouraging them to join her in creating the family life they desire.

Young children are hands-on. They thrive when immersed in the bouillabaisse of the rich textures, smells, tastes and sounds of the natural world. In fact, brain science clearly demonstrates that young brains need sensory experiences to grow a healthy neural network.
Unfortunately, touch screen technology reduces the child’s sensory experience to fingertip-sensation and 2-dimensional pictures—certainly not the same—not nearly the same as real world experiences. Much is lost and too much is at stake to allow screens to displace our children’s play in the real

In this podcast, parents will find practical information and simple, yet effective ideas for transforming their children’s daily life into rich sensory experiences for optimal development and healthy growth of brain, mind, body—despite the challenges in our world of screens. Free playtime is valuable time—necessary time, in fact. We don’t have to let screens displace sensory experiences in children’s lives. Tune in for do-able activities. Start today to make small changes for big impact in a young child’s life and future.

Part Two: The Parent Coaching Corner™

I begin coaching Lindsey, mom of two daughters, Charlie, age 5.5 and Olive, age, 2.5. Lindsey explains the three reasons she is coming to coaching, part of which is to prepare her daughters for how she wants to address digital issues with them as they get older. Lindsey is a thoughtful young mother with some interesting stories. Tune in to find out her practical, inspiring ideas for parenting well in a digital world.