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The Collector’s Show – All Things Potato With Trish Daman and the Idaho Potato Museum and Laurence C. Zale on Appraisals of Collectibles

Let’s say you want to honor local heritage and history, own a railroad building and are looking for an attraction for people travelling between two other attractions to stop at. If you were in Bingham Idaho, you would convert the building into a museum collection that honors the potato! Located strategically between Yellow Stone National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Potato Museum is a fun place to stop and absorb the local culture, learn about what a poor speller but good sport former Vice President Dan Quayle was.

Once inside, visitors will you see Marylyn Monroe wearing a potato sack dress, a thirty-foot long potato or a potato signed by Vice President Dan Quayle, who famously misspelled it (“potatoe”) during his unsuccessful run for a second term as vice president in 1992. Historic!

A large part of Idaho’s history and culture are tied to the potato. In Bingham County Idaho, you cannot talk with anyone who is or was not associated with the potato in some way. Potatoes are interesting to collect because most everyone around the world ate, has eaten or is eating one right now while reading this! According to Tish, the people who stop at the museum do so because “they love potatoes.” And, potatoes are nutritious. Most people do not know this. In the months to come, a new display about potato sacks will be introduced. Like other forms of packaging, these sacks have great art on them and help to tell the story about the heritage of the potato.

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The “Value” Of Appraisals With Laurence C. Zale

In our series with Laurence C. (Larry) Zale we get excellent input on the need for accurate and credible appraisals for collectibles and their owners. Larry is the brain of the program, I’m just “eye candy”, which matters little for radio, but I digress.

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