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Time Management Radio – Marnie Swedberg, Mentor, Speaker: Life Balance Tactics for Super B.U.S.Y. Goal-Getters


Life feels busier than ever and sometimes being busy leads to imbalances in life that can generate feelings of frustration, disengagement, lethargy, overwhelm, distraction and an inability to focus. It’s important to pay attention when your life feels out of balance because the resulting bottlenecks, stress, pressure and exhaustion can lead to hopelessness or despair and at the very worst, depression and major health issues.

My guest is Marnie Swedberg, a leadership coach who hosts an online mentorship program for over 13,000 leaders from 30 countries. She trains B.U.S.Y. leaders in the Best Unique Strategies for You. During our conversation she shares some of her favorite life-balancing strategies. We discuss:

1. Some of the signs or symptoms you should watch for to know when your life is out of balance;
2. A technique you can use to quickly organize your life and projects;
3. Plus, steps you can take to get your work and life back into balance.

In addition to being a success, speaking and writing coach, Marnie personally oversees two brick and mortar businesses in the retail and restaurant industries, hosts mega websites, has written 12 books and is a #1 ranked and featured Internet radio talk show host.

Marnie provides life mastery training through her website. Learn more about how she can help you achieve your goals in the minutes you have at:

Kathryn McKinnon works with executives and entrepreneurs who are stressed and overwhelmed by too much to do and too little time which hurts their productivity and puts their work and personal life out of balance. She helps them eliminate the chaos, set priorities and focus on the right goals so they can spend time on important work. As a result, their productivity improves, their energy increases and they get more done which frees up time for things that matter.

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