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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Interviewed by TechAware

Something a little different this time.

Recently I was interviewed by Philip Rosenthal the host of TechAware.

“…we interview JJ Sutton who is a world class expert on anti-terrorism, executive as well as infrastructure protection and all things necessary to keep people, places and things secure.

He brings his professional experience, both military and beyond to the table to discuss some of the ways in which today’s technologies are used to provide safe existence to people all around us. His wide array of knowledge makes for a very robust conversation and one in which the listener will find it both enjoyable and entertaining.”

It was fun to have the tables turned. He had some great questions and I was able to share some interesting experiences we have had so far using technology.

Remember to browse Victorydefense.com while you listen to this episode.

If you’re looking for some action – browse our Youtube Channel where I just posted some raw footage of our recent 3 Gun event. Enjoy