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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – MicroGardening Innovator and UFO Blindfold

Ah, San Francisco, City by the Bay. Adam brings you some of the sounds from the streets of San Francisco, captured during his summer road trip of 2013. This one is from Golden Gate Park; a soothing, melodic piece, performed in duet by anonymous musicians on alto saxophone and electric guitar.

He couldn’t remember the name, but it’s likely that you will recognize the melody; a jazz classic, wonderfully and simply performed.

Then meet in another part of town we meet Phil Weiner, CEO of EarthStarter, Inc., whose Nourishmat™ product is fueling the evolution a a new term in food; i.e., microgardening.

The Nourishmat system puts legs under EarthStarter’s mission, as evidenced in their slogan, to stimulate “Rethinking Backyards Everywhere.”

Looking something like yoga mats, each Nourishmat rolls out into a predesigned size, such as 4’ x 6’. One surface has a printed template, which guides the user in seed placement.

The non-GMO seeds, for kale, chili’s, etc., are encased in a clay-like material, then placed in designated areas at the time of planting.

In the second half, Adam introduces you to UFO Researcher Grant Cameron, author of UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants: A Report on Government Involvement in UFO Crash Retrievals.

Turns out that not only are we “not alone,” but the U.S. Government has been intimately involved with extraterrestrial races for decades!

Twenty years ago, this assertion might have only seen the light of day in the National Enquirer or Globe newspapers. Today, the truth about UFO interaction continues to be disclosed by whistleblowers, who were often discredited initially, even though their information held up.

Mr. Cameron deftly explains some of the factors that have held up disclosure. Yet it becomes increasingly evident while such rationalizations and excuses no longer hold up.

Join us in this feast for open minds!

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