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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Seven steps to a successful non-profit Fund A Need

This week, I’m happy to have back Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions to talk about Fund a Need, a fundraising tactic that takes advantage of an event where you have a number of people in attendance. Do you have an item you need to buy, like a bus to transport kids, or a specific program you want to give special attention to? Fund a Need can be a great way to focus people’s attention, raise money, and you don’t have all the fuss of getting items for a live or silent auction.

Sherry describes seven steps for making the Fund a Need strategy work, and she gives examples of several types of organizations who are very happy with this approach.

As you listen, think about how you’ll fit this into your overall development activities, and the pledge levels that would make sense for your organization and donors. Fund a need sure makes sense to me if you have a fairly steady group of donors who attend your events and are willing to fill a table with their friends.

Think ahead to 2014 and where you can tuck this great idea into your schedule because it sure seems like a manageable, straightforward idea to me. Enjoy the show.