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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Sex Object or Good Partner? What Men and Women Really Want

Discover provocative truths about what men and women really desire in relationships from Charles Rawlings MD-JD R. Milton Quibner, and Hadley Finch, and

Women discover the provocative truth about what men think, want and care about in a relationship.
And men discover how high they should jump to satisfy today’s woman as Hadley Finch chats with two successful, mature men who have different views about love and marriage and different outcomes in their love life.

Meet a happily-married man and a leading Heterosexual Relationship Specialist named R. Milton Quibner, who explains how high men should jump to please today’s woman.

And meet Dr. Charles E. Rawlings, a successful neurosurgeon, attorney and underwater photographer whose 18 year marriage ended in divorce. He discovered the truth about what women want in his dating encounters with divorced women and during his relationship with a highly-paid escort–a real-life love story that resembles the popular film, Pretty Woman.

During this compelling conversation about dating, love and marriage, you’ll discover:
* Why an honorable quality in men can attract the wrong woman
* Why a successful neurosurgeon chose a relationship with a highly paid escort
* How to handle the truth of why a lover leaves you
* How to tell the difference between sex objects and good partners
* Why men under 30 don’t date but hook up
* How the internet and porn prevent men from creating a great marriage
* How young men go from selfish sexual behavior to form a satisfying, devoted relationship with a woman
* Why many young men can’t compete with today’s women
* Why you can’t dump your issues on your partner
* How to choose the right moment to ask for your mate’s support
* Why so many marriages end up in divorce and how to change that
* Why sex goes away and becomes stale in marriage without this secret
* How men and women learn to please each other sexually
* How the feminist revolution and social equality affect sexual relationships
* Why some men are underemployed, unable to compete in society, unable to please women
* Why winners have no issues sustaining relationships with women but regular guys do
* Why men must be devoted to women to keep her
* What today’s women really want in a man
* How Wayne Dyer and actor Vin Diesel show you how to captivate a women
* When love is real or a delusion
* How Cupid’s Cocktails draw a man to a woman for a fleeting romance
* How we learn love and to become loving, even through arduous experiences
* Why love is so much more than emotion
* What love toolkit creates an enchanting relationship for newlyweds
* The tool that builds bonds or destroys relationships
* When to avoid a confession
* Why men have trouble with honesty
* How dating is like marketing to attract your best match
* What qualities sustain romance
* What is the ultimate secret to make love last a lifetime
* How you know for sure what to say and do to deal with a relationship issue
* How you learn to truly like your partner and be true to yourself in life and love

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